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As a former small business owner, I know our economy has fallen victim to self-inflicted wounds like the 30-hour workweek under Obamacare, burdensome overregulation, an unsustainable fiscal policy that relies on deficit spending to fund the government, and a burdensome tax code.

Thanks to tax reform efforts and other regulatory relief under the Trump Administration, the economy has been improving. Unemployment is hitting record lows, wages are finally growing, and every day there is greater opportunity for workers and businesses in Florida’s 6th District.

Still, there is more work to be done to continue America’s economic growth. We must:

  • Reduce the tax burden on working families and allows them to keep more of their hard-earned paychecks;
  • End the chronic budget deficits that threaten our economy and our national security;
  • Eliminate unnecessary and redundant regulations that limit small businesses potential; and

Improve access to quality education, so our lower schools prepare students for college and higher education institutions prepare our young men and women for 21st Century job opportunities.For more information concerning work and views related to Economy, please contact our office.