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The men and women who bravely protected our nation from threats both at home and abroad deserve our utmost respect. When members of our armed forces retire, they should do so knowing they will be afforded everything the Department of Veterans Affairs and a grateful nation has promised them.

As a Special Forces commander, I’ve heard too many gut-wrenching stories of veterans who have been unjustly ignored or neglected. The government-run health care bureaucracy at Veterans Affairs hospitals across the country has resulted in delayed care for our service men and women, sometimes resulting in premature and avoidable deaths. Following a culture of disrespect and disregard for America’s heroes under previous Administrations, I was proud to see the Trump Administration work with Congress to rectify this inexcusable behavior and set the VA back on a path toward fulfilling its directive – the care for our nation’s greatest heroes with respect and integrity.

I have been and will remain a steadfast supporter in cutting the red tape and allowing our veterans better access to the health care and other services they need. We have a responsibility to protect those who protected us, and I will never stop making veterans’ issues a major priority.

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