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ICYMI: Rep. Waltz: Coronavirus Puts China’s Plan for Global Dominance on Full Display

WASHINGTON, D.C. –  America must wake up to the reality of the Chinese Communist Party’s infiltration and stop their path to global dominance, U.S. Rep. Michael Waltz (R-Fla.) warned on America’s News HQ on Saturday.

“[Coronavirus] is part of a much bigger picture here. What we’re dealing with, to be clear, is the Chinese Communist Party, not the Chinese people. The Chinese Communist Party are not our friends. They seek to dominate the world,” said Waltz. “They seek a New World Order with America subservient to China. These are not my words, these are their words and their leadership’s words – and they’re trying to do it economically and through technology…before they dominate us militarily.”

Waltz explained China’s government is currently stealing intelligence at American universities and using stolen information to conduct cyber warfare on the United States, with the capability to take down power grids, buy American technology companies and cripple the American economy.

All of these reasons, Waltz warned, should be a wake-up call to the United States on the dangers of Chinese influence worldwide.

“This [pandemic] should be a wholesale rethink of how we think of the Chinese Communist Party,” Waltz said. “We need to think of them like the Soviet Union and that we are in a Cold War – and the wake of all of this is going to be part of that.”

China also uses propaganda and global influencing to exert their influence around the world, through global organizations like the United Nations and the World Health Organization (WHO).

“They’re perfectly happy for us to go another $5 trillion in debt, again to dominate us economically," said Waltz. "Meanwhile, they’re around the world, through their diplomats and security services, blaming the United States through their propaganda machine and then providing aid. It’s like providing a bucket of water for the fire that they started – but it’s coming with strings attached to Africans, to Europeans and others in the form of ‘We’ll give you this aid but you have to sign up for our technology and infrastructure.'…That’s how they’re dominating the United Nations and the WHO.”

Waltz also discussed measures that need to be taken to ensure the U.S. is not aiding China in their mission for global dominance. Part of those efforts include Waltz’s bill to close a loophole allowing U.S. military and federal employee retirement funds from being funneled to Chinese organizations actively involved in ethnic cleansing and propaganda.

“Believe it or not, the federal retirement system that the entire U.S. military – me included – contributes to every month…is investing in Chinese companies and is on the verge of investing in the Chinese stock exchange. These are companies that are oppressing the Uighur Muslim people, that are building the Chinese defense industries and that are doing all kinds of nefarious things in terms of espionage around the world," Waltz said.

Watch the interview here.