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Health Care

Like everyone in our country, I want a quality health care system at an affordable cost. Unfortunately, Obamacare hasn’t fulfilled its promise to achieve this. Instead, it has increased the cost of health care for millions of Americans and is threatening our economic stability as health care prices continues to climb. It should come as no surprise that a law written by those who profit from the health care system is deeply flawed for consumers.

Although I agree that young people should be able to stay on their parents’ plans, in guaranteed coverage for preexisting conditions, and protections against gender discrimination – there are many deficiencies of our health care system that must be reformed to put patients first and allow access to quality care.

Our community and our country deserve a world-class, consumer-driven health care system. By empowering patients to have more choices in their health care, we will reduce the cost of care for all Americans and preserve the best health care system in the world. Reforms should be centered around consumers, demand more transparency in the health care market, facilitate affordable and quality care for those with pre-existing conditions, treat women fairly, and keep the promise of Medicare for our seniors.

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