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A call to action: Service to nation can help bridge the rift that divides Americans

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Originally published in USA Today By Reps. Chrissy Houlahan and Michael Waltz Turn on your TV and you’ll see headline after headline of how America is divided. Politics appears to be full of bitter vitriol — a reflection of the deep fault lines in our society. Many Americans are seldom placed in situations where they must meet face-to-face with people who look, think or believe differently than th... Read more »

First Year in Congress Full of Wins for Florida and Our Community

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As I reflect on this year in Congress, I am confident we hit the ground running. This year was full of wins for this administration, for Florida and for America. As soon as the 116th Congress began, it became clear that getting anything accomplished would require thinking outside the box — and sometimes across the aisle. Though partisanship seemed to be the norm and something the media loved to hi... Read more »

The case for light attack aircraft

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Congress is finalizing the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act and one of the key issues is the future of the Air Force’s meager light attack aircraft program. It’s a program that has struggled to gain traction with Air Force leadership since the first iteration appeared in 2009 despite major engagements in irregular warfare in austere locales all over the world. Small teams of special operato... Read more »

Lack of transparency in impeachment inquiry does a disservice

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On Wednesday, I joined dozens of House Republicans demanding transparency from Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff in the ongoing impeachment proceedings. The next day, the Sentinel published an editorial that was critical of my decision to speak in defense of fundamental American rights and principles: transparency, due process and the rule of law.As a Gree... Read more »

Trump's Taliban decision was smart – He's showing leadership where Obama failed

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President Trump made the right call this weekend when he decided to call off peace talks in Afghanistan. For months, the Taliban has assured the State Department it will promote “peace” and will no longer be a haven for terrorists. That couldn’t be further from the truth – and current events have made that abundantly clear. Just last week, the Taliban committed a suicide bombing that killed at lea... Read more »

21st-century space race blends inspiration with defense

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Fifty years ago, Americans took one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind. When John F. Kennedy announced in 1961 that the U.S. would put a man on the moon by the end of the decade, America had only put a human in space for 15 minutes. To say a lunar landing was an ambitious goal would be a massive understatement. Our ambitions as a country in the mid-20th century reflected the global ... Read more »

To preserve our freedom, we must teach its foundations

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On Independence Day, Americans reflect on the opportunities and freedoms our country offers and the history that afforded America these blessings. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are essential to the fabric of our country. Yet, these blessings create a responsibility. This responsibility is borne by all Americans and is essential to fulfill in order for our freedoms to be passed on to t... Read more »

Participating in Normandy reenactment reminds us of a unified military spirit

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Throughout my 23 years of military service, I’ve made a few dozen parachute jumps — but none of them compared to the jump I made in Normandy this week. Last week marked 75 years since Allied Forces invaded German-occupied France, a military operation which paved the way for the end of World War II. On that day in June 1944, over 160,000 men took part in what was at the time the most complex milita... Read more »

Time to make America serve again

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Throughout my 23 years of service as a Green Beret, I’ve learned a few different things. The military teaches you perseverance, discipline, and teamwork -- but one of the most important values that military service teaches you is the ethos of service. May is Military Appreciation Month, a time when Americans honor our fallen military members and remember their service and sacrifices for our countr... Read more »

The space race is on. Florida should lead

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The average American interacts with satellites 36 times a day. Every time you check the weather, search for a spot to grab your morning coffee or send a text message, you’re getting hands-on with the space industry. Space doesn’t just impact our personal lives though – it affects our national security too. Our banking, stock market and modern global logistics systems – not to mention the military ... Read more »

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