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ICYMI: Waltz Co-Founds Bipartisan “For Country” Caucus to Encourage Civility in Congress

In a Washington Post op-ed printed yesterday, Representatives Michael Waltz (FL-R), Jimmy Panetta (CA-D), Don Bacon (NE-R), and Chrissy Houlahan (PA-D) announced the co-founding of a new bipartisan Congressional Caucus, “For Country.”
Bacon and Panetta will serve as chairs of the For Country Caucus in the House of Representatives. Waltz and Houlahan will serve as vice-chairs.
Last week, Waltz and Houlahan joined Fox News’ The Daily Briefing to discuss the need for more candidates and Members of Congress who’ve served in the military. Watch the interview here.
Washington Post
By Jimmy Panetta, Don Bacon, Chrissy Houlahan and Michael Waltz
March 19, 2019
Just a few decades ago, veterans made up more than 70 percent of Congress. An ingrained commitment to public service brought these Democrats and Republicans together to put country over party. These members’ primary obligation was to patriotic service, not partisan politics. Now, veteran representation in Congress is near a historic low of 18 percent. Congress, often paralyzed by debilitating bickering and gridlock, is consistently rated as one of the least trusted institutions in the United States. These trends are not a coincidence.
As we seek to break through the political dysfunction, we are pleased to announce the launch of the For Country Caucus. The caucus will provide principled military veteran members a platform to work in a nonpartisan way and create a more productive government. For Country’s vision is a less polarized Congress that works for — and is trusted by — Americans. We seek a Congress where members serve with integrity, civility and courage. And we want a Congress that is strategic in purpose, focused in action and where elected officials put their country first.
All four of us have served in the U.S. military. We served in the Navy and Air Force, and one of us continues to serve in the Army National Guard. While in uniform, we took an oath to serve our country. Now in Congress, we continue that service. Service members and veterans know how to work together to solve tough problems. In the military, the goal is to effectively execute the mission at hand. Regardless of background, experience or ideology, our actions were in service to and for country. We are committed to continuing that ethos in Congress through the For Country Caucus.
Civility is also an important cornerstone for the caucus. We have witnessed the tenor and quality of our conversation erode daily. No doubt, For Country Caucus members will engage in strong and, at times, passionate dialogue on the issues. But that does not mean we need to attack or denigrate each other’s character or intent.
Congressional caucuses come in all shapes and stripes. The For Country Caucus is differentiated by its membership’s common experience of military service, commitment to working together across the aisle and adherence to placing principles before politics.
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