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Rep. Waltz Promotes U.S.-Israel Economic, Political Partnership in Jerusalem

This week, U.S. Rep. Michael Waltz is in Israel as part of a bipartisan congressional delegation trip promoting the economic, academic and cultural bonds between the United States and Israel.  

“The U.S. and Israel’s partnership is defined by a united alliance in peace, freedom and democracy,” Waltz said. “It’s critical each of our countries learn more about each other’s political, educational and economic investments. I’m looking forward to meeting with leaders across the spectrum and learning more about how to foster this important relationship moving forward.”

The weeklong trip follows Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Business Development Mission to Israel with nearly 100 Florida delegates in May. Attendees included elected and government officials, business, academic and religious leaders.

The congressional mission allows members of Congress to learn more about the U.S.-Israel relationship, the peace process, Israel’s national security as well as political trends and economic and business opportunities in the region.

Israel is critical to stability in the Middle East and has been an important partner for the U.S.’ national defense interests in the region. Waltz, a combat veteran, has been a strong supporter of Israel in Congress, successfully securing $500 million to support U.S.-Israel missile defense in the Fiscal Year 2020 Defense Appropriations Bill.

The trip is sponsored by the American Israel Education Foundation (AIEF), the charitable organization affiliated with AIPAC.

“Gov. DeSantis’ trip was an important mission to encourage prosperity and partnership between Florida and Israel,” Waltz said. “I’m confident this trip will be an important follow-up to strengthen our relationship at the congressional level and reaffirm our commitment to our greatest ally in the region.”