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ICYMI: Rep. Waltz Discusses Opposition to H.R. 6201

Washington, March 15, 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C. –  On Sunday, U.S. Rep. Michael Waltz (R-Fla.) appeared on Fox and Friends Sunday to discuss his opposition to H.R. 6201. Excerpts of Waltz’s remarks are below:  

“I did vote for the $8 billion package supporting the [National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Department of Health and Human Services, things that are very focused on coronavirus testing, vaccine [development] and other pieces.

“But this bill, I had some real concerns about the Washington, D.C. ‘one size fits all’ approach and I think there were some things in there that sounded good but we have to be very careful about unintended consequences here – and the devil is really in the details.

“I think imposing some of these remedies from Washington on these businesses could actually make them lay off workers as they struggle with drastically-reduced revenues.

"I wanted to see things like the payroll tax holiday like the President asked for, financing for these businesses to help their cash flow, rather than this massive open spigot of federal spending. Nobody knew and nobody knows how much this bill will end up costing at the end [of the day].”

H.R. 6201 now heads to the U.S. Senate, which intends to modify the bill. Waltz emphasized he looks forward to supporting a more bipartisan package upon its return to the House for approval.

“I think the Senate is going to make some important fixes. I look forward to supporting [this bill] when it comes back with those corrections.”

Watch the full interview here.

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