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Waltz Votes Against Pelosi’s $1.9T Blue State Bailout

So-called COVID-Relief Wastes Taxpayer Money and Doesn’t Provide Targeted Help for Americans

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On Friday, U.S. Congressman Michael Waltz (FL-6) voted against Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s so-called $1.9 trillion COVID-19 Relief Package due to the unwarranted bailouts, pork spending unrelated to COVID littered throughout the bill, and the $1 trillion in unspent COVID relief that Congress has already passed.

“All Americans are hurting from this pandemic and I cannot support a bill that spends over 90 percent on a progressive wish list that wastes money on liberal projects and bails out horribly mismanaged blue states,” said Rep. Waltz. “We need to target the money that Congress has already passed to struggling families, small businesses, essential services, and vaccine distribution.”

Included in Speaker Pelosi’s $1.9 Trillion Blue State bailout are the following:

·        Less than 9% goes to combatting COVID-19 through public health spending such as national vaccination program, tracking, and more testing

·        $350 billion in blue state bailouts

·        $86 billion in union pension bailouts

·        $34 billion to expand Obamacare

·        $130 billion for schools that remain closed (95% will not be spent until 2022)

·        Funding for a Silicon Valley Underground Tunnel

·        Stimulus checks for illegal immigrants