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Waltz Introduces Resolution Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of Operation Provide Comfort

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On Friday, U.S. Congressman Mike Waltz (FL-6) introduced a resolution in the House commemorating the 30th anniversary of Operation Provide Comfort, a U.S.-led mission which provided much-needed relief to Iraqi Kurds who were under brutal attack by Saddam Hussein’s military forces. 

“In the wake of the Kurdish uprising against Saddam Hussein in March 1991, Hussein and his regime brutally murdered his own people, forcing hundreds of thousands to seek shelter near Iraq’s Turkish and Iranian borders,” said Rep. Waltz. “The United States led a coalition to respond to this humanitarian crisis with a massive humanitarian relief effort, ‘Operation Provide Comfort’ and imposed a strict no-fly zone to halt Hussein’s reprisals against the vulnerable Kurdish population. This mission was the foundation for our enduring relationship and friendship with the Kurdish people.

“As a Green Beret and veteran of the Global War on Terrorism, I’m proud to introduce this resolution today to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Operation Provide Comfort by honoring the many heroic American and allied soldiers who fought to keep the Kurdish people safe, the nearly 2,000,000 Kurdish men, women, and children who braved freezing and rugged mountains and reaffirming our bonds of friendship.”

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