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Waltz Statement Supporting FY22 Defense Bill

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On Friday, U.S. Congressman Mike Waltz (FL-6) issued the following statement in support of the Fiscal Year 2022 National Defense Authorization Act, which includes several of his priorities, including addressing the growing military and economic threat of China as well as safeguarding America from growing threats around the world and providing for our veterans and Gold Star families:

“As a Green Beret and combat veteran, I know firsthand how important a well-equipped, well-prepared military force to protect our great country,” said Rep. Waltz. “Right now, our country faces numerous threats from adversaries like China, whose technology and military capabilities are advancing rapidly, as well as emboldened terrorist organizations like al Qaeda and ISIS-K, which will now find a safe haven in Afghanistan. This year’s defense bill will help us ensure America can face these challenges and any others while protecting our strategic interests at home and abroad – all thanks to the incredible bravery and incredible skill of the men and women of our armed services.”

The committee included Waltz’s language to:

  • Require certification by U.S. contractors operating in China that their supply chain does not use forced labor from the Xinjiang region
  • Prohibit funds for travel to the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing
  • Prohibit Chinese and Russian access to American missile defense sites
  • Require notification to Congress if the Chinese ICBM stockpile buildup exceeds that of the United States
  • Ensure national security priorities are considered in research and development of critical mineral technologies to bring our supply chain home from China
  • Require the DOD to prioritize domestic and allied sources for the critical material stockpile
  • Produce clearly defined plans to conduct counterterrorism operations and respond to terrorist threats emanating from Afghanistan
  • Secure, archive and standardize operational data and intelligence gathered over the past two decades in Afghanistan
  • Promote research and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder through a collaborative partnership with Israel
  • Authorize an SBP open-season for VA-related service-disability veterans to re-enroll who withdrew prior to the "Widow's Tax" repeal
  • Pilot program for retired veterans to continue to receive retirement pay and be placed in the Ready Reserve if they possess a skill in shortage
  • No cost sharing for Telehealth services under TRICARE during a national emergency or disaster related to public health
  • Waive naturalization fee for immediate family member of Purple Heart recipients, including Gold Star families
  • Establish the Space National Guard
  • Ensure careful review of National Guard Force apportionment to discern if wartime and/or domestic requirements should dictate its force structure

“Each year, this bill provides our military with every resource necessary to face the challenges ahead,” said Rep. Waltz. “I’m glad to see the progress made in this year’s defense bill and hope this legislation is one that is worthy of the men and women in uniform that depend on it to keep America safe.”


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