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Press Releases

Waltz Joins the Oversight & Accountability Committee

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On Thursday, U.S. Congressman Mike Waltz (FL-6) announced he will be joining the House Oversight and Accountability Committee where he will help in ongoing investigations into the Biden Administration and holding the bureaucracy of the federal government accountable to the American people.

“Over the last three years we’ve seen an unprecedented expansion of the federal government that has empowered Washington bureaucrats and caused further hardship for Americans across the country,” said Waltz. “I look forward to working with Chairman James Comer to ensure the government is functioning as Congress intended it to and reign in the Biden Administration’s regulatory overreach, wasteful spending, and unlawful power grabs across the federal bureaucracy. Additionally, I look forward to using my national security background in investigating illicit financial schemes to further help Chairman Comer’s inquiry into the Biden family’s foreign financial dealings with America’s adversaries.”  

“I am thrilled to have Michael Waltz join the Oversight Committee to help us identify problems in the federal bureaucracy and propose solutions to make our government more effective, efficient, and transparent to the American people,” said Chairman Comer. “Michael Waltz brings a unique experience earned from a lifetime of service as a combat-decorated Green Beret that will help us in our mission to be the voice of the American people in Washington and to fight for them.